Oops-a-Daisy 250ml
Cuts, Burns, Grazes, Bites, Stings + more


This is one big tub of pure magic. Our Oops-a-Daisy cream is infused with so many antiseptic and antibacterial oils to treat a wide range of complaints. Also contains Lavender oil to soothe soreness. Great for cuts, rashes, sores, bites, stings and much more. A must have for the medicine cabinet! View the entire Little Stars Range →


Shea Butter* • Coconut Oil* • Jojoba Oil* • Sweet Almond Oil • *Aloe Vera* • Goats Milk* • Preservative System* • Essential Oils* • Parfum*

How to use

Apply liberally to cuts, scrapes, burns, grazes or bites. Apply as required.


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It's our passion to show you that there are alternative natural products. Ones that are much more effective, and safe to use. Instead of feeding your skin with chemicals, you can feed it with the best ingredients that nature has given us. Our products will change the look and feel of your skin without the use of harsh chemicals, and work in harmony with your body, allowing your skin to better mend itself and renew at a cellular level. We only use the finest premium ingredients and therapeutic grade oils that are SLS and Paraben free.
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